Company Description

Acatus GmbH was founded in September 2016 by Dr. Marie Louise Seelig and Dr. Daniel Wigbers and is building the first digital pan-European Debt Capital Markets (DCM) platform. Through the innovative toolkit for digital asset securitization, Acatus converts loans and other illiquid assets into fungible securities eligible for safe custody. For banks and other originators, Acatus offers a fast and cost-efficient refinancing option via the capital markets. For institutional investors such as family offices or pension funds, Acatus offers attractive investment opportunities à la carte in previously illiquid debt products. Since October 2018, the digital DCM platform has been live and transactions are taking place.

Acatus is based in Berlin and currently has 15 employees. The company is supported by renowned investors such as Partech, Berliner Effektengesellschaft and Berliner Volksbank Ventures as well as numerous business angels from the capital markets, securities and tech sectors. These include former bank directors, partners in management consultancies and commercial law firms, university professors and successful fintech founders. Acatus won the startup pitch of EXECfintech in 2018 and came 3rd place in the KPMG Smart Start Award 2017. The company is a member of the Association of German Banks, the Federal Association of German Startups and the digital association Bitkom.


Acatus is an innovative Berlin based fintech company run by capital markets experts.

Acatus acts as service provider to originators and investors alike, aiming to ensure the efficient matching of offer and demand. Founded in September 2016 with the ambition to revitalize and revolutionize the securitization industry in Europe, the company has steadily grown its team of experienced experts in banking, law, and technology.

Dr. Daniel Wigbers Founder & Managing Director
  • Serial Entrepreneur (Fintech & Digital Health)
  • 3,5 years in Strategic Management Consulting
  • Dipl.-Oek (Witten/Herdecke), PhD (University of Cambridge), Visiting Fellow (Harvard)
Marco Zimmermann Head of Origination
  • Over 25 years in Financial Industry with focus on Treasury & Debt Capital Markets (Frankfurt, New York)
  • Former Head of Funding and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank AG
  • Capital Markets Issuance, Structured Finance, Balance Sheet Steering
Andreas Wolf Head of Securities Operations
  • More than 25 years experience in securities operations
  • Former CEO of Clearstream Banking AG & COO of Clearstream Group
  • Former board member - biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG
  • Former partner at transaction factory AG
Igor Smirnov Head of Product & Financial Modelling
  • Over 20 years experience in financial services
  • Former Managing Director in Fixed Income at Banco Santander, BNP Paribas
  • Former bank CIO, strong quantitative background
  • Securitisation, ABS modelling and pricing, systems development
Dr. Marie Louise Seelig, LL.M. Chairwoman & Consultant
  • Serial Entrepreneur (Fintech)
  • 10 years of experience in Financial Services / Tech and International Capital Market Practice (New York, Frankfurt, London & Berlin)
  • German & U.S. qualified lawyer (New York), Dr. iur. (Humboldt University), Master of Law, Science and Technology (Stanford)

Shareholders & Supporters

As an early-stage startup Acatus can rely on the vast know-how and dependable network of many reputable business angels as well as institutional investors, including Partech, Berliner Effektengesellschaft and Berliner Volksbank Ventures.

“The idea of Acatus convinced us: especially in such a complex area as the DCM business we see an enormous market potential through digitization. Acatus is the first fintech to offer securitization as a proprietary B2B service across all asset classes. The extraordinary quality and the unique network of the Acatus team and its partners further contribute to this. It is impressive to see the leading business angels, which have been won over by Acatus. They are contributing their capital market expertise and contacts to the company's development far beyond their financial commitment.“

Otto Birnbaum, Principal of Partech

“As one of the first investors, we were not only enthusiastic about the team, but also about the idea of efficient, cost-effective single asset securitization of previously illiquid assets. As the parent company of Tradegate AG and thus, indirectly also the operator of one of the largest stock exchanges in Europe, the possibility of creating a downstream liquid secondary market for trading in these bonds was also a decisive investment criterion for us.“

Holger Timm, CEO and majority shareholder of Berliner Effektengesellschaft

“The automated securitization of single loans is Acatus’ highly innovative and unique answer to the illiquidity of the credit markets. We were immediately convinced by the foundersl: Marie Louise Seelig and Daniel Wigbers are bringing the necessary expertise, experience and passion to the table to successfully realise this venture.“

Timo Fleig, Managing Director Berliner Volksbank Ventures

Acatus is backed by numerous business angels from the capital market, securities and tech sectors. These include former bank directors, partners in management consultancies and commercial law firms, university professors and successful fintech founders. Among them are:

“To me, Acatus is first and foremost a partner for banks. The innovative idea and digital processes result in advantages for the whole industry. Acatus enables established banks to use the instrument of securitization for easy, fast and cost-efficient refinancing. That results in a more effective risk distribution and a more flexible equity management when approving loans.“

Dr. Michael Kemmer, former Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks and former Chairman of BayernLB

“I have invested in Acatus since I believe in the combination of efficient processes and innovative technology.“

Andreas Wolf, Former CEO of Clearstream Banking AG

“What convinced me was that Acatus creates a win-win-situation with its digital DCM-platform. On the one hand, Acatus supports banks with granting loans in compliance with regulatory requirements while not stretching their balance sheets, which means that SMEs are still able to raise the capital they need. On the other hand, investors can, for the first time, really invest in debt products, because they are available as fully cleared securities. It’s a convincing idea.“

Michael Hobmeier, CIO of

“I have invested in Acatus because I am convinced of the power of its data analytics.“

Dr. Florian Herzog, Former Co-Founder & CEO of swissQuant Group


Acatus has chosen some of the most renowned service providers to support its business and processes:

“We are proud of having been selected by a rising fintech like Acatus to support their securitization and debt capital markets platform with our issuing and paying agent solution. SGSS has demonstrated flexibility in implementing the individual requirements and we believe in Acatus’ innovative and efficient value proposition. We are looking forward to the continued cooperation!”

Christian Wutz, Managing Director SGSS GmbH and Head of Commercial, Marketing & Solutions for SGSS in Germany


Acatus strongly emphasizes industry networking and sharing of expertise. Therefore, the company is an active member of important industry associations.

* extraordinary member

Events & Awards

Acatus’ team members are frequent speakers at relevant industry conferences, such as NOAH or LendIt. Moreover, Acatus has been successfully participating in fintech competitions.

Winner of EXECfintech Award 2018
3rd Place of KPMG Smart Start Award 2017
GC Powerlist Germany Teams 2018 Award